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Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,


we would like to inform you that INKGENIO is currently operational with all its activities (sales, logistics and production).

The following measures have been implemented, in accordance with the regulations issed b the Authorities, in order to ensure operational continuity and prevent the spread of Covid-19:


- Since 04 March, an internal Task Force have been set up in order to evaluate, discuss and decide quickly on the implementation of the directives issued by the Competent Authorities;

- 50% reduction of the presence in our offices, through the full use of smart working;

- Guaranteed minimum physical presence in offices, thanks t a careful preparation of shifts;

- Remote operating sales team, with unchanged offer of services to our customers;

- Information systems operating completely remotely, with full access for all our employees;

- Activation of all measures to prevent contagion (protective masks, disposable gloves, temperature control, periodic sanitization of offices/structures), and their provision for all our employees;


At present, and taking into account all restrictive measures, we can confirm that all activities (sales, production and logistics) are currently underway, without any interruption of service.


We maintain our strong commitment to Health and Safety fro all INKGENIO employees and our partners in order to provide the same level of service as always.

In case of further clarification, we kindly ask you to contact your ususal INKGENIO contact person by e-mail or telephone, and for any other specific questions, related to the COVID-19 emergency management, our dedicated e-mail address 

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