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Water Based Sublimatic Dispersions


KP-SU series are aqueous dispersions with high pigment loads (25%-30%) ready to use for the production of sublimation digital inks. They are environmentally friendly products based on high-performance polymeric dispersants and inkjet quality pigments.

KP-SU series pigment dispersions can be used in letdown mixtures in various quantities depending on individual formulations and custom applications allowing the formulation of digital inks for different printing digital technologies.

Their excellent long-term stability, color resistance and compatibility with a broad range of co-solvent and resins make them suitable for many applications.

KP-SU series make it possible to produce a finished digital ink without any additional process step with the following advantages:

- Speed to produce the inks: it will greatly reduce production, transport and research costs.

- High pigment concentration: they allow an extremely easy formulation for the user and an important production yield.


Main characteristics:

• High pigment load (25-30% wt.%)

• Based on HMW dispersant

• Low viscosity

• « 200 nm average particle size, narrow particle size distribution

• Excellent compatibility with a wwide range of co-solvents and resins

• Excellent storage stability

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