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Digital inks for cardboard and corrugated paper


IKC series are water-based digital inks for direct printing on industrial printers on paper, corrugated board and absorbent media.

Designed for DOD systems, IKC inks are compatible with the best printheads available on the market.

In addition, our knowledge of the production process allows us to produce inks tailored to the type and colors required.

IKC series can be used with primers and protective varnishes for printing on "coated" (treated) cardboard obtaining high technical and aesthetic performances.

The series is composed by 10 colors facilitate the customization of configuration and guarantees the reproduction of analogical designs.

(CMYK + Orange + Grey + Red + Blue + Green + Violet)


Main Characteristics:


• High performance in color rendering.

• Excellent resistance.

• Compatibility with most of the printing heads and printing systems.


Designed, formualted and manufactured in Italy, IKC inks are carefully controlled at every stage of the production process to ensure the safety of the user and environment according to current regulations.

Market sectors

  • Corrugated Packaging


  • Paper and Cardboard


  • Epson
  • Ricoh
  • Fujifilm
  • Kyocera

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