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Digital Ceramic UV Series for Glass


IKG digital inks are inks containing ceramic inorganic pigments that have been specially developed for printing on glass without the use of primers or special adhesion promoters. Thanks to the full possession of data on the production process, it is possible to customize the products in order to satisfy any request from customers.

IKG digital inks are suitable for decorative glass for architecture and glass tempering.

Thanks to their innovative "hybrid UV" formulation and full ownership of the production process data, they offer the solution for digital printing on glass, both for single-pass and multi-pass.

Furthermore, they guarantee a high level of adhesion and durability, including a large colour space during profiling. They are designed to be used with the most important digital glass printing machines, both single and multipass.

IKG inks are developed and manufactured exclusively in Italy.

Market sectors

  • Glass Decoration


  • Tempered glass


  • Xaar
  • Seiko
  • Dimatix

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